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 Established 1974 
Special Offers  

Leading Manufacturer & Supplier of  High Quality Asian &
English Style  Wedding Cards, Invitation Cards,  Christmas Cards
Eid Cards,  Mehndi Cards, Waleema Cards, etc
                                               Trade mark: H.R. Cards


25% off on the following cards till end of April '09
Contact 01274 - 392945

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To view any card in bigger size please
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Please Note:

1. All special offer cards are printed in black ink directly on the card but we reserve the right to attach insert.
2. A minimum quantity of 200 cards must be ordered. A  surcharge will be added to any quantity less than 200.
3. All orders must accompany the full payment,  clearly written wedding details.
4. A normal wedding detail layout is included in the cost. Any extra writing, different layout etc will be charged separately. 

For More Information Contact:

Orient Press
29 Canal Road, Bradford BD1 4AJ
Tel: 01274 724324
FAX: 01274 308564
Internet: sales@orientpress.co.uk


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